What is Home Ice Advantage in Hockey Game?

Betting on hockey requires skills and knowledge just like other sport bets, but hockey game has several interesting factors that can make the game and betting more interesting. If the game you watch is a playoff series, it is a good bet to root on team with the best record. This is because an advantage awarded to the most favorable team in the beginning of playoff series, called home ice.

Explaining Home Ice Advantage in Hockey Game

A team with great record and relatively clean sheet will get advantage of starting the series in its hometown, so the advantage here comes from the fact that the team plays in its home, earning more confidence and push to help them winning the game. Usually, the playoff series have seven games, and the team often gets opportunities to play on the first and second games in its hometown. If the team can win the third and fourth games, it will get other opportunities to play on the sixth and seven games.

Hockey game event like NHL has a system called home ice advantage that can give extra perks for a favorite team with good records.

Why Blocked Shot Amounts Don’t Mean Anything to Hockey Bet

In hockey game, there is a stat called block shot, and many bettors often use this state as a guide to make hockey bet. However, any smart and veteran bettors usually know better to not using this stat as a guide anymore in betting. This is because looking at block shot amounts can result in misdirection about the hockey team’s actual skill, and can greatly affect your odds of winning.

What is Block Shot in Hockey?
Block shot is a stat that actually describes dangerous attempt to block a player who is ready to make a goal. In this case, a player blocks the opponent that is ready to hit a goal by deliberately placing himself or herself on the line, getting hit in the process but earning his or her team advantage. While this self sacrificing act is indeed honorable and dangerous, the amounts of block shots a team makes do not necessarily show the team’s actual skill.