What is Home Ice Advantage in Hockey Game? April 18, 2016

Betting on hockey requires skills and knowledge just like other sport bets, but hockey game has several interesting factors that can make the game and betting more interesting. If the game you watch is a playoff series, it is a good bet to root on team with the best record. This is because an advantage awarded to the most favorable team in the beginning of playoff series, called home ice.

Explaining Home Ice Advantage in Hockey Game 

A team with great record and relatively clean sheet will get advantage of starting the series in its hometown, so the advantage here comes from the fact that the team plays in its home, earning more confidence and push to help them winning the game. Usually, the playoff series have seven games, and the team often gets opportunities to play on the first and second games in its hometown. If the team can win the third and fourth games, it will get other opportunities to play on the sixth ibet 888 and seven games taruhan bola.

However, if the opposite team is the one that wins the game, this team can get advantage by getting the opportunity to win home games. Therefore, if you want to bet in a hockey game during playoff series, make sure you know which one is the favorite team.

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