all of our US fans better be coming out to our Feb/March tour with Weatherbox! It may some one of our only US tours this year.
03 January at 10:0138 likes8 comments
recording some more demos today during our off time. also recording a cover of “The middle”
02 January at 22:59189 likes14 comments
31 December at 21:1960 likes3 comments
have about 6 songs ready for the next album. how cool is that? … ICE COLD
02 January at 1:21321 likes28 comments
our last two shows of the year are this weekend. hope to see you there!
18 December at 21:0126 likes7 comments
also going to be announcing about a month and a half of Canada and Europe dates!
11 December at 7:0447 likes24 comments
dates will be announced soon!
07 December at 14:12184 likes32 comments
We are going to be announcing USA headline dates with Weatherbox, Divided By Friday and Ten Second Epic anyway now 🙂
07 December at 20:1956 likes23 comments
which song should be the next TDS single? (video)
29 November at 14:3417 likes163 comments
For those of you who don’t know, our album just came out in stores in the UK! pick it up. Kerrang gave it KKKK!
01 December at 9:4144 likes3 comments
For everyone wondering what we are up to as far as tour… We will be posting US headlining dates soon, going to Australia for Soundwave… also will be covering all of canada and then heading to Europe/UK.
01 December at 12:0668 likes20 comments
Once we hit 25,000 likes we will be posting our new video. Share this page with your friends, ask them to ‘like’ it!
15 November at 11:25149 likes7 comments